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Why Speeble?


Speeble uses video conferencing to provide online Speech and Language Therapy, Tutoring and, soon, Counselling services - at your convenience. Our mission is to help you access speech therapy and tutoring wherever you are; from the comfort of your home, your workspace or your school. 


Speeble’s platform is intuitive and easy to jump into, allowing the focus to remain inside the session.


The purpose-built platform that Speeble uses is packed with activities, features and programs for exciting and engaging online sessions. The whiteboard takes centre-stage as a shared working area for truly interactive teaching.

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At Speeble, we’ve been supporting many clients across all ages and backgrounds throughout the past few years. Our professionals value every relationship they form with their students and patients, and we believe that goes a long way towards the positive outcomes we strive for.




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Alice, West London

SPEEBLE is great! We were rushing from school as there was bad traffic. All we had to do was put the laptop on, my son sat down in front of it still in his school uniform and start the scheduled session.I was able to prepare dinner in the meanwhile, feed the dog and tidy up. The convenience of a video session! The SLT was very professional and made the session fun. My son was disappointed it didn't last longer! 

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Amazing service offered by Speeble, and so easy to access. Couldn't be happier, super convenient to set up and get the same kind of quality as we'd get going to an slt in person, just without any of the bother. This service was a lifesaver for us!
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Petra, Hertfordshire 

I'd like to recommend Speeble to other people. I have 3 children and this is a great solution for busy families. We started, Speeble session in March 2019 and still use them to help my son with his speech difficulties and it's easy, because it's from home. It was very easy to set up. My son said " it was great fun" Thank you we will definitely will continue.
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