Our mission is to be promoters of change in SPEECH & LANGUAGE THERAPY by utilising Video Conferencing Technology. We want to facilitate adults and children to be effective communicators and learners and give them the confidence to be able to communicate and express themselves completely.  More and more, we all use technology daily and should recognise the brilliant opportunities that we can gain from it.

Speeble is the UK’s first private Speech & Language Video Therapy Centre. The difference between a traditional face-to-face SLT session and a VIDEO Therapy session is huge. It represents a fundamental shift in the way appointments are arranged by using the latest digital technology to create flexibility for both our clients and SLTs. We maintain this by successfully and consistently delivering the highest quality services. We ensure the daily lives of family, friends and caregivers are all positively impacted by the improvements made in the abilities of your children and loved ones.

Here at Speeble, we are utilising video conferencing technology to provide individualised online Speech & Language Therapy across the United Kingdom and internationally.

This is a new approach for the UK, which has been in use across many other countries for years. We share the same mission, to help children and adults with their speech from the comfort of their home or school!


“SPEEBLE is great! We were rushing from school as there was a bad traffic. All we had to do was put the laptop on, my son sat down in front of it still in his school uniform and start the scheduled session.I was able to prepare dinner in the meanwhile ,feed the dog and tidy up. The convenience of a video session! The SLT was very professional and made the session fun. My son was disappointed it didn't last longer!you.” 

—  Alice G, Son 13 years old

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