Understanding Video Therapy better

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Speeble Speech & Language Therapists are qualified, background-checked and HCPC registered. They have specialised knowledge for selecting the best  interventions appropriate for use with video technology. We take everything into consideration to provide the best video therapy service available to you or your child. 


Speeble online Speech & Language sessions are carried out live via secure video link.


  • The therapist communicates with the client via webcam, providing good visual and sound quality.

  • Therapy materials are delivered via the computer screen and can be seen by both the client and the therapist concurrently. We use TheraPlatform to provide top-end therapy with the best available tools on the market.

  • Any additional materials and homework programs can be accessed anytime via your member’s account or emailed directly.

  • Therapy activities will mostly be very similar to those delivered in face-to-face therapy.

  • To start, all you need is:

    • A computer with good internet connection (Download: 3Mbps/sec, Upload: 3Mbps/sec.)

    • Headphones (dependent on individual client needs) 

    • Speakers & Microphone (often already integrated on your computer)

    • Webcam (often already integrated on your computer)


Pros of therapy online:

  • Enjoy the no-stress approach of online sessions.

  • Children or adults who enjoy technology and thrive online will love the LIVE interactive sessions.

  • Sessions are individualised to meet your/their specific needs.

  • Sessions can be recorded and replayed for the individuals to use as self-critique and feedback to parents or relatives.

  • Great for parents who cannot always make face-to-face appointments.

  • Prevents disruption and set-backs due to breaks for holidays or trips.

  • Great for those living overseas, or with no access to SLT therapy.


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We could not be more pleased with the results we have seen so far. Our therapist, Danielle, has been nothing short of excellent and the online nature of the sessions is incredibly convenient and efficient. It has taken hard work from everyone, but our son's stammer is vastly improved. This service is highly recommended.

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One of the best online SLT services. Highly recommended.

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Nattaly, Norfolk 

I would highly recommend Speeble. Very professional and great for my son. Thank you