Online SEN Tutoring

Speeble Online Tutoring is suitable for a range of  students, helping them approach learning, complete homework and access their school curriculum with confidence.

We are proud to offer 1:1 tutoring to SEN students across all ages and abilities (KS1-GCSE - iGCSE - IELTS ) throughout the UK. Our tutors will provide tailored & interactive materials to engage learners, supporting the students to build confidence and a positive approach.


Benefits of online tutoring for children with SEN

  • Encourages independence and responsibility

  • Focus and concentration

  • Comfortable home environment

  • Fun break apps 

  • Fits around your schedule

  • Not location dependent

  • Recorded sessions and tracking of progression


Cost of Tutoring


    • £45 per SEN Tutoring session (60 minutes online)

    • Payment is taken online before sessions 

Online SEN tutoring includes:

  • Dyslexia


  • Dyscalculia

  • Speech, language and communication needs

  • Other Behavioural & Learning Difficulties

What can our tutors help you with today?

  • 1:1 tailored sessions

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Kim, Teacher (Neurodiverse Learners specialist)

Hello I’m a qualified teacher specialising in working with neuro diverse learners.

I have been a teacher and trainer for more than 20 years and I moved my practice online in 2015. I have taught over 7,000 online classes. My students are from age 7 to 50+ and they are both in the UK and in Hong Kong. I teach English from Key stages 1 and 2, 11+ preparations, Key stages 3 and 4, iGCSE, IELTS. I also teach AS and A level Law.
Leaving no student behind and teaching the way that students learn is what I do. I get to know my students, provide tailored materials to engage whilst supporting them to build their confidence, learning and soft skills.