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Founder & Digital Support

“Martina is the founder of Speeble. She is extremely passionate about Speech & Language Therapy. She worked in education for many years, directly supporting children with a wide range of Speech & Language needs.
Martina saw first-hand how challenging access to specialist therapy can be, and what a huge difference it can make. She identified a gap in the market for convenient delivery of quality Speech & Language therapy and set up Speeble in 2019 to offer new ways to get children and adults connected to Speech & Language Therapists and help them access immediate, high quality therapy.”

Speech & Language Therapist

Hi, my name is Emma. I have been a Speech & Language Therapist for over 16 years. In that time I have worked with children of all ages in mainstream settings (clinics and schools) both with the NHS and independently. I set up my own independent practice, in 2017 and am very excited to be involved in Speeble and this innovative approach to Speech & Language therapy, especially at a time when access to traditional methods of Speech & Language Therapy can be challenging.

Registration number: SL09274

Speech Therapist HCPC post stroke recovery


Highly Specialist Speech & Language Therapist

(Post-Stroke Recovery)

Beverley qualified as a Speech & Language therapist.  She has over 28 years of experience working with children and adults of all ages.
Since qualifying she has worked in a range of settings with children and adults with the following difficulties:

  • Problems with speaking, listening to or understanding language

  • Attention, memory, and concentration difficulties 

  • Social and interaction skills

  • Auditory Processing Difficulties

  • Understanding and using language to access the curriculum

  • Children who are unable to talk or communicate verbally

  • Beverley has extensive experience working with children who have a wide range of complex speech, language, communication difficulties.  Beverley has developed specialist clinical skills in assessing and treating children and adolescents with a neurodevelopmental disability and also acquired brain injuries. 

  • Her approach is holistic and functional; working with the team around the child to enable them to reach their full potential.  

  • Beverley has been an Elkan Tutor, Hanen Tutor, and a Makaton Representative.

Registration number: SL07391

Early Years Speech & Language Therapist

Alongside being a busy Mummy to two fascinating little humans, I work as a therapist both within the NHS and independently. 

Children are the highlight and heart of all my work. It’s important to me that your child stays at the centre of everything we think, do and plan while we work together. 
I am committed to working in an individually tailored manner with families and classrooms to move each child toward their best speech, language and communication. This includes equipping parents and staff to be the best communication partners they can be!
My specialisms are work within the Early Years, Autism/social interaction difficulties, the Lidcombe program (stammering therapy for under 7s), Parent-Child Interaction, signing (Makaton & BSL), staff training and parent coaching.

RCSLT: RC0031802
HCPC: SL31225

Speech Therapist HCPC, Early Years - Stammering
Speech Therapist HCPC - auditory Processing

Paediatric Speech & Language Therapist

I am a Paediatric Speech and Language Therapist working in both the NHS and private practice. I have experience working with children of all ages and can support your child with:

  • Speech sound difficulties/ disorders

  • Developmental Language Disorder

  • Language delay

  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder

  • Social Communications Difficulties

  • Hearing Impairment

My specialism is working with children with Hearing Impairment/ deafness and I am training to become a Listening and Spoken Language specialist. 
I also hold a Level 2 qualification in British Sign Language if you have chosen a signing or total communication approach for your deaf child.
My job is to support children to communicate successfully and thrive –I can honestly say that I love what I do.
I am so excited to be a part of Speeble because online therapy means I can support you at home where it matters! I have found children are more relaxed doing therapy from the comfort of their own home and parent coaching online means you can put the strategies straight into practise right where life takes place. My sessions are fun and interactive and there are so many ways to do this using the Telatherapy platform with Speeble.
It’s important that we work together to support your child and so I encourage family members to join you in sessions and I am happy to liaise with any other professional working with your child. I can offer evening and weekend appointments that are flexible to fit into your busy lives.
RCSLT: RC0036516
HCPC: SL35208